SG Carriers Fraudulent Practices

Glen Cove, New York 0 comments

Dealing with SG Carriers for an automobile transport from Missouri to North Carolina has been a nightmare.I have never dealt with a company that uses semantics to twist contract agreements in an attempt to confuse and rip off the customer.

We were originally assured a delivery of a vehicle from Missouri the week of Christmas. One month later, we get an email stating that they will deliver but the price was (surprise) increased. Further, the deposit that we paid in earnest was now "lost money." They are not even including the deposit already paid in the total price, even though this "issue" had already been cleared up. Basically, they are keeping our deposit plus they are charging us more than the original price that was agreed upon.The contract that they sent was nothing more than a way to suck more money out of us.

When my husband called to complain, he was told to basically take it or leave it. The transporter said that if we didn't pay the extra money that he would just drop the vehicle off at a storage facility.

In short he was holding our vehicle "hostage" until we agreed to pay the additional money (including the deposit that we already paid).This has happened to other customers and the response from SG Carriers is "the customers are lying." I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, NY Department of Transportation, and the Better Business Bureau.

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